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At the forefront of laundry innovation…

Over the last century alone, the Hilden product has built up an unrivalled reputation for expertise in hospitality textiles, ensuring hoteliers and laundries receive a truly world class solution.

Now powered by Vision Support Services, Hilden’s performance product range comprises of a wide range of products specifically designed to be fit-for-purpose and high-quality. With a range of superb bed, bath, table and kitchen linen; you can rest easy knowing that the Hilden range is sufficiently durable to meet the rigorous demands of a commercial washing process.

Since the inception of the Hilden brand, the superior performance range has been at the forefront of linen technology building up a loyal and reputable customer base. Over the last century alone, the Hilden brand has been favoured by leaders in the market for its high quality, innovative product and competitive prices.


Providing the benefit of over 140 years experience…

The Hilden name can be traced back to the 18th century with the invention of the Spinning Jenny by Oswaldtwistle-born textiles merchant, James Hargreaves. It was his descendants who, 100 years later, set up the Hilden brand with the same passion and expertise in textiles.

Founded in 1874, these descendants took the passion for textiles that they’d grown up with and formed the Hilden name; producing innovative and performance textiles with much investment going into refining their expertise.

Over the years, the Hilden performance linen has been seen in some of the world’s most well-known names from hotels, airlines, cruise lines, textile rental and distribution companies.

Well Connected

Powered by a global textiles giant…

Hilden is now one of the three core product brands of Vision Support Services along with Liddell and Whitakers.

After being acquired by Vision in 2008, the product is now complemented by the quality services that Vision provide. Using Vision’s global distribution and sourcing network; supported by experts on the ground in strategic sourcing regions, customers can now enjoy superior textile expertise in weaving, dyeing, design, manufacturing and logistics wherever they may be.

A leading supplier and distributor of specialist, luxury and performance textiles to a number of market sectors around the world, Vision have built the business around its heritage, innovation and specialism. This makes Vision different from the rest.

Meet the Team

Here to help…

With a wealth of experience in textiles, Vision is proud to employ some of the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. Dedicated and passionate; the highly skilled team are committed to providing the greatest advice and guidance; regardless of requirement.

Vision’s staff are the biggest asset; they underpin the Vision values and they know the products inside out so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. To find out more about any of Vision’s services or to simply enquire about the core range of Hilden performance products, give us a call today.

Please view our Vision Global Team here if you can’t find who you are looking for.

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Why Choose Hilden?


Fit-for-purpose, performance products at the forefront of laundry technology

Durable and long-lasting created specifically to withstand a commercial washing process

A comprehensive range of bed linen, towels, table linen, kitchen linen, bath linen and a brand new range of spa and beauty items

A passionate, expert Vision sales team on hand to help with any enquiry

Superior product quality at the most competitive prices

Working towards the future, leading with radio frequency identification (RFID), now tagging Hilden products at source with TAGSYS

Delivered directly to you from Vision’s dedicated warehouse in Lancashire or co-ordinated direct from the manufacturer to your door


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